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Originally posted on the TN Wiki blog: 

Copyright, Privacy & Piracy

At the TechNet Wiki, we're fighting a continuous battle to maintain the Wiki in good shape, to keep the community and platform within legal limits.

Of course, we do have a set of TechNet Wiki Governance guidelines, built on best practices and specific rules in terms of use.

So every Wiki Ninja should be aware of these guidelines and act on it.

Still, we see a lot of issues with piracy, personalized content, articles with a personal blog style and articles with a short-term value (announcements).

The key landing page on this matter is the Wiki: Governance and Guidelines Portal.

But it's important to highlight a top five of key articles:

Plagiarism rules

These documents handle plagiarism:

  • Wiki Governance: Types of Articles Not Appropriate for TechNet Wiki
    • "Content that does not belong to you
      • Someone else has relevant content and you want to help them share it with the world. It's a nice thought, but do not copy other people's content to the Wiki, even if the owner said it was OK.
      • If you are writing an article taking reference from an already existing article and adding some important points and views which would really give value to the topic such articles are welcome but you must include reference to original article otherwise it would be seen as plagiarized content. "
  • Wiki: Code of Conduct:
    • “Respect content creators. Do not copy content from another author (such as a blog post) unless you have permission. If you do have permission, mention it at the top of the article and include a link to the original source and author.”
  • Wiki: How to Contribute Content to TechNet Wiki:
    • (1)“Do not copy/paste from TechNet/MSDN or other websites, or blogs, or other sources of material that you did not create. When you take content from someone else you are plagiarizing another's work, even when you simplify, rephrase, rewrite the content, then save this under your own name. ”
    • (2) “Copy/pasting and then saving under your name is plagiarism. We frown on that here. Violations of copyright will be deleted.”  

External References

And just to show you, this is NOT specific for TechNet Wiki, some useful links worth to share.

Just as an extra, the guideline on publishing videos on TN Wiki: Wiki Governance: Guideline on Publishing Videos.  


Reporting plagiarism

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