Applies to:

Windows Server 2012 RTM

Note:  You should check for the latest version of the different files.

Note 2:  These are not available in Windows Update.

Note 3:  You can download them without entering your e-mail address and captcha if you are a Microsoft Premier customer and have a account.

Note 4:  Carefully review the list and decide which might be applicable to your unique environment.

Note 5:  Test in your test and your quality assurance environment.

List of DNS related hotfixes post RTM for Windows Server 2012 RTM as of Feb. 2014:

Originally published Feb. 2014.   Updated Feb. 2014.

2921056 Incomplete CNAME resource recordset is returned if a DNS recursive lookup fails in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012


Dnsapi.dll  6.2.9200.20897

Dnsrslvr.dll  6.2.9200.20900

Dnsapi.dll  6.2.9200.20900 

2910718 Heavy network traffic occurs during an LDAP query by the DNS server in Windows Server 2012



Dns.exe  6.2.9200.20902 


2894893 FIX: An update is available for the Domain Name System (DNS) server plug-in behavior in Windows Server 2012

2886719 FIX: An old DNS address is still displayed in ipconfig after you switch to a different APN mobile broadband network in Windows 8


Wmbclass.sys  6.2.9200.16708

Wmbclass.sys  6.2.9200.20816 

2845152 DirectAccess server cannot ping a DNS server or a domain controller in Windows Server 2012


Winnat.sys  6.2.9200.20711  

2844033 Add an Entry Point Wizard fails on a Windows Server 2012-based server in a domain that has a disjoint namespace


Damgmt.dll  6.2.9200.20708

Ramgmtui.exe  6.2.9200.20708