Unable to uninstall SharePoint 2013 on the server. Shows the error "one or more required office components failed to complete successfully".


The issue could be for many reasons. In this article, solutions to resolve the issue are shown.

Solution 1

Go to services and find the SQL Server services. Stop them as follows and then uninstall SharePoint Server 2013 will be uninstalled successfully.
  1. SQL Full-text filter Daemon launcher (MSSQLSERVER)
  3. SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER)
  4. SQL Server Analysis Services (MSSQLSERVER)
Whenever you are reinstalling SharePoint Server again, restart all the services or the required only.

Solution 2

Ensure the site is available in IIS as configured while installing the SharePoint by default.

Solution 3

Ensure that the UAC is turned on in the server.

Solution 4

Make sure it already has SharePoint Designer 32-bit version installed. The appropriate version of Office Suite is 32-bit as you can’t mix versions of Office components. You may have installed SharePoint 2010 Foundation 64-bit version. And here is the problem – you have 32-bit Office components and 64-bit SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

Ensure that the versions are the same.