In a BizTalk Group you can in the Group View query all the subscriptions. However, you will not see the exact filter setting for the subscription unless you double click a subscription and click the Expression tab.

Picture 1. Send Port Subscription details.

In case you have multiple subscription with send ports in an application than you have to go through all off them to get an good view and understanding of them. An alternative could be a TSQL script to execute against the BizTalk Management Database.

TSQL Script

A TSQL, found in the MSDN Code Gallery named Show subscriptions for a BizTalk application, will provide means to determine the subscription(s) of all the send ports for one- or all BizTalk applications within a BizTalk group: 

USE BizTalkMgmtDb
   ( SendPortName
     , ApplicationName
     , tmpcol
    SP.nvcName AS SendPortName
     , APP.nvcName AS ApplicationName
       'xmlns=""','') AS XML) AS tmpcol
     bts_sendport AS SP
     INNER JOIN bts_application AS APP
       ON SP.nApplicationID = APP.nID
    CONVERT(VARCHAR(MAX), nvcFilter) <> ''
--All BizTalk applications in a group
   , ApplicationName
   , CONVERT(VARCHAR(255), nref.query('data(@Property)')) AS FilterProperty
   , CONVERT(VARCHAR(255), nref.query('data(@Value)')) AS FilterValue
   , CONVERT(VARCHAR(255), nref.query('data(@Operator)')) As Operator
     TmpXMLNode.tmpcol.nodes('/Filter/Group/Statement') AS R(nref)
--One application
 ApplicationName = '<Your Application Name>'

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