Performance Point Service database created by default contains GUID as suffix in name. But what if we don't want GUID in name and want to provide name with proper naming convention. I faced this issue in my project, then I came to know how it can be done. I will take you through a number of steps following which we can rename database .

  1.  Start SharePoint 2010 Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage Services on Server.
  2.  Locate Performance Point Service and click Stop.
  3. Start SQL Server Management Studio , backup Performance Point Service database .
  4.  In left pane of Management Studio , right click Databases and select 'Restore Database'.
  5. Provide new database name for 'To Database' text box, select 'From Device' option  and browse to the backup of old Performance Point database. Select OK.
  6. Now Go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> SharePoint 2010 Management Power Shell.
  7. Type below command to get all information about Performance Point Service Application:
  8. Get-SPPerformancePointServiceApplication "<Performance Point Service Application Name>"
  9. Declare a new variable and assign new database name to that variable :

    $newdatabasename = "<New Database Name>"

    (Name without angle brackets)

  10. Assign new database to Performance Point Service :
    Set-SPPerformancePointServiceApplication -Identity "<Performance Point Service Application Name>" -SettingsDatabase $newdatabasename
  11. We are done with SharePoint 2010 Management Power Shell.
  12. Navigate to 'Manage Services on Server ' and start the Performance Point service , if not started.

  13. Last step is to delete Old Performance Point Service database from SQL Server.