Skype for Business Step by Step In-Place Upgrade

In this Blog post I will walk you through In-Place Upgrade from Lync 2013 standard edition to Skype for Business. Microsoft is released Skype for Business server to Download click Here you needs to have an MSDN Subscription to download this.

Pre-Requisites for In-Place Upgrade

1)      1) Existing Lync 2013 Environment

a)      Install the latest updates in existing Lync 2013 environment to download click Here ( To Upgrade at least you required : 5.0.8308.871 )

b)      Install the operating system Hotfixes 2008 R2 2012 2012 R2

2)     2)  Install Windows Power Shell 3.0 to download click Here

3)      3) At least SQL 2012 SP1 required. To download click Here

 4) Install the Skype For Business tools on Non Lync server
               a) To run skype for business setup we requires a domain joined machine which does not have Lync installed.

Step 1 : Installing latest updates in existing Lync 2013 environment

Once you download the latest CU for lync 2013. Now on the front end server select the file and run as administrator 


Click on Install Updates.

It will install the updates one by one

Once the updates are installed. Click yes to reboot

Download and Install the latest operating system HOT FIX

Open the Lync Management Shell and enter the command. To update the back standard edition back end data base.

Install-CsDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn SE.FQDN –Verbose

Updating SQL SP1

We have to update these Standard edition data bases on existing Lync 2013 environment




1)      Download SQL 2012 SP1 from here

Run these following commands




Setp2 : Installing Skype for Business Administration tools on a server which has no Lync roles.

1) Download the Skype for Business for Here

click on the downloaded executable file. Click on Install 

Click on Accept License agreement and click on OK.

Click on install administrative tools

Click on Next

Click on Finish and reboot the system.

Go to start menu and select Skype for Business Topology Builder.

Select Download Topology from existing deployment and click OK.

Right Click on the pool which you want upgrade and select “Upgrade to Skype for Business 2015”

Click Yes

Once you click on yes the pool which you have selected it will be placed under Skype for Business.

Now Click on Publish Topology 

Click Next

Click Finish

Setp3 :Now go to existing Lync Deployment Server. Where Lync is deployed.

1)      Stop the services on the server which we are going to upgrade.

Go to Lync Management Shell and type the command Stop-CsWindowsService.

Check if services are stopped

1)       Click on Setup.exe

Accept the License Agreement and click ok.

Click on Next

It will Update one by one if there any issues with Pre-requisites it will display the errors. Until you fix the errors we cannot proceed with Upgrade process.

Click on OK. Once successfully updates are done. 

Skype for Business Control Panel