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It can be pretty useful to get an overview of the articles you published on the TechNet Wiki.

The first and best option is to search the TN Wiki for articles you created based on the original author.


Go to the TNWiki site, and search for: “First published by <your user name>”

You will see a RSS link that you can use to read the RSS feed.

For example: Search Technet Wiki with my name (only originally authored articles):

The RSS feed for this search is then:

The advantage of this search is that it still works even if you changed your profile or user name.

Another option: tag your articles with a specific tag and use the RSS feed. Disadvantage of this method is you might not find all your articles if you did not tag all the articles. So you need to manage your tags very well.

To get this list of articles, use tag search like:<yourtag>/default.aspx

The related RSS feed is:<yourtag>&refinement=90

For example, searching with the tag "pgtag" lists the articles Peter posted.


Another option is direct search using your favorite search engine, like Bing, searching the source site (TNWIKI) and your name. Let me provide you with some examples, which you can customize very easily to fullfil your needs.

Using Bing, search for: “First published by Peter Geelen”



There is no space between "site:" and the URL, so there are two parameters you need to provide:

  1. site:
  2. “First published by <author profile name>”



This search is also available as an RSS Feed (notice the format:rss tag in the URL):


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