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There are Several WMI classes in WMI name space and are Very useful for backward Compatibility while writing PowerShell scripts.


WMI classes in PowerShell

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a core technology for Windows system administration because it exposes a wide range of information in a uniform manner. Because of how much WMI makes possible, the Windows PowerShell cmdlet for accessing WMI objects, 
Get-WmiObject, is one of the most useful for doing real work. We are going to discuss how to use Get-WmiObject to access WMI objects and then how to use WMI objects to do specific things.

Get-WmiObject cmdlet

​Gets insatances Of windows managment Instrumentation(WMI) classes or Information available classe. 
 Alias for Get-Wmiobject cmdlet in powershell is gmwi.

Some Functions

This is a simple Function to get the UserAccounts in Computer.

function ($Cname)
   Get-WmiObject Win32_Useraccount -ComputerName $Cname

Advanced Function

This Function  will give you the the Local User Accounts For the Computer Specified as parameter.

Using Some Advanced Funtions, We can make a Script to a Cmdlet.
for a function to behave like a cmdlet, We only need to add a single Line." [cmdletbinding()]".
here is a simple cmdlet to Get Local useraccounts From Multiple computers using WMI.

function Get-Useraccount
        # Target ComputerName(s).
        #Credentials     [not Mandatory]
        #using get-credenttial to pass credentials for the computers listed
         foreach($c in $computerName)
               if ($Credential -ne $null)
                $share=Get-WmiObject Win32_Useraccount -ComputerName $C -Credential $Credential |?{$_.localaccount -eq $true} -ErrorAction Stop
               Write-Output "`nThe user Local User Account(s) in $C are Listed Below:"
                 Write-Output "`nThe user Local User Account(s) in $C are Listed Below:"
                Get-WmiObject Win32_Useraccount -ComputerName $C |?{$_.localaccount -eq $true} -ErrorAction Stop
                Write-Warning "`nThe Specified computer $C Is not Online Or Not Accessible"

Here are some better usage for  wmi classes which is backward compatible in all version of powershell..

Get-WmiObject win32_bios
This cmdlet gives the BIOS information of a computer.

Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem
This cmdlet shows the operating System Information Of a computer.

Get-WmiObject win32_product.
This cmdlet will shows you the installed Softwares in a Computer.

Get-WmiObject win32_networkadapterconfiguration
This cmdlet will show  you the complete NIC details of a computer.

To get available WMI classes,Use
Get-WmiObject -List
This will give you a complete list of WMI classes in a Computer.

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