Build a scenario with users that want to have All Users pre-register for SSPR OTP.



Before moving any further lets discuss the scenario:

  1. We are taking OTP Email scenario.
  2. Users are coming from either Active Directory or different source but All are present in AD.
  3. User's secondary email address is present on FIM portal in One-Time Password Email Address attribute. In Meta-verse it is msidmOne TimePasswordEmailAddress .
  4. User's Account Name, Domain and Resource ID is also present on FIM Portal.
  5. FIM SSPR related configuration steps are already performed. Use this link if not performed already: Click Here


Step-By-Step Activities

To select workflow, Create one Action Type Workflow as below:


Create one MPR- Transition-In  type as below screenshots: [You can limit this any specific SET of Users by selecting other set.]


Now, Include above created workflow in this MPR.