MSDTC is the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. DTC provides the functionality to ensure complete transactions along a distributed environment, which means across two or more networked computers. All multi-server installations of BizTalk include setup of MSDTC on the Windows servers. This also includes the SQL server(s). This can be done manually in Component Services, but a PowerShell script which automates this can be downloaded here.

The script can also be used for other uses cases than BizTalk. Verify the settings in the script, and adjust accordingly.


The script looks like this:

# Enable MSDTC for Network Access
Write-Host "Enabling MSDTC for Network Access..." –fore green
$System_OS=(Get-WmiObject –class Win32_OperatingSystem).Caption
# Check OS
If ($System_OS –match "2012 R2" -or ($System_OS –match "8.1"))
    Set-DtcNetworkSetting –DtcName Local –AuthenticationLevel Mutual –InboundTransactionsEnabled 1 –OutboundTransactionsEnabled 1 –RemoteClientAccessEnabled 1 –confirm:$false
    Restart-Service MSDTC
    Write-Host "MSDTC has been configured and restarted"

First, WMI is used to get the current OS. Then, after verifying OS version, DTC settings are stored, and MSDTC is restarted.


Requires PowerShell 4.0 and Windows 8.1 or Server 2012 R2.


Just run the script in an admin PowerShell console. There are no parameters.

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