In this article, we will address a "Warning" that happens in the Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V Role installed.


The Role of the Hyper-V role installed.


Troubleshooting in Hyper-V servers and found this Warning that was alarming that "Nics" Mac Address was in Conflict.

The error was alarming below.

After some checks found that the problem was in a "Team" that was created with the server network interfaces. With the command "Get-NetAdapter | sort MacAddress" showing all Macs Address all Network Adapters.

In "Team" created it inherited the same MAC address Interface "NIC1"

To resolve this issue change the MAC address of the "Team" created. To do this go to Device Manager / Network Adapters / Select the "Network Adapter called" Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver / Properties ".

The adapter settings: click Advanced / Mac Address / in "Value", enter the new Mac address consisting of 12 characters and as numeral or letter. After the change click "OK".

After the change, execute the command "Get-NetAdapter | sort MacAddress" and the "Team" is interfaced with the new Mac Address has been changed in step accomplished.


As we can see the problem was solved by changing the Mac Address.