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FIM Portal

Viewing the object type in the Portal returns an error:

“There’s an error in the <Resource Type Name> display configuration. Please contact your system administrator.”


Forefront Identity Manager event log error

The Resource Management Portal detected an error using the Resource Control Display Configuration (RCDC).  This prevented the portal from displaying the object as expected and the portal switched over to Admin View.

The failure is due to a incorrect configuration file.  The file does not validate against the configuration file schema.

Verify that the configuration file is valid XML and matches the configuration file schema. Either upload a new file or modify the existing file in the Resource Management Portal directory.  Afterward, reset IIS.

Resource Type displayed in “Admin View”

Default RCDC Background

  • RCDC definitions for default Resource Types referenced by GUID by the FIM Portal
  • Replacement (Delete /Add) of the RCDC replaces the default GUID

Common ways to Cause the Problem

  • RCDC is replaced during the FIM Service configuration migration
  • RCDC was deleted in the Portal and recreated

Resolution Options

Fixing this problem on a system where it is not practical to re-migrate the configuration to a blank FIMService database, this is when we recommend contacting support.

Re-migrate the FIM Service configuration

  • Target a “Clean” FIMService database
  • Ensure Join criteria attributes match between Source and Target
  • Re-run the FIM Service configuration migration

Contact FIM Support for other options

FIM Support has a product group provided option that is unsupported except through support

Long Term

The FIM product group is investigating a long-term fix to this problem

Proactive Avoidance

RCDC (OVC) Join Rule Attributes

  • DisplayName
  • AppliesToCreate
  • AppliesToEdit
  • AppliesToView

Any change to one of these attributes will cause the RCDC to be replaced

  • Display Name Modification is most common currently

Check the policy “Change.xml” file for any Deletes and Adds for default RCDC objects

Text search by Name or GUID (see slide “Default RCDCs”)

Policy “Change.xml” File

RCDC (OVC) Delete Entry







Default GUID for RCDC “Configuration for User Editing”

RCDC (OVC) Add Entry

All attributes defined in the join rule must match for the object to be updated rather than replaced.  If the objects are not found to match according to the join rule defined, the object in the Target system will be deleted, and the object from the Source system will be added as a Create operation.

Each Create operation creates a new unique GUID for use as the Resource Guid of the newly created object.









        <AttributeValue>_sjkConfiguration for User Editing</AttributeValue>




Display Name Changed, but it could also have been any of the other three attributes in the Join rule:

  • AppliesToCreate
  • AppliesToEdit
  • AppliesToView

Additional Information

Review – Resource ID in the Portal

How to Retrieve a Resource ID in the FIM Portal

How to Search by Resource ID in the FIM Portal

  • Navigate to the FIM Home page or the Administration page
  • Paste the GUID into the “Search for” text box
  • Set “Search within” to “Search Resources by Resource ID

Errors Returned in Config Migration

Any errors or warnings returned in the PowerShell window are not written anywhere else.

Copy and paste all errors and warnings from the PowerShell window into a text file.

Do this for each .ps1 run so we have a record

Tips for Troubleshooting Config Migration

Always save the following during a configuration migration:

  • Pilot_Schema.xml
  • Production_Schema.xml
  • Pilot_Policy.xml
  • Production_Schema.xml
  • Changes.xml
    • Both from Schema and Policy
  • Undone.xml
    • Both from Schema and Policy
  • There may be multiple copies depending on how many times we run ResumeUndoneImports.ps1
    • Text files containing warnings and errors for each *.ps1 run

The reason we want to keep these files is for troubleshooting in case a problem crops up.  These files are very helpful to have when calling support to troubleshoot this type of problem.


FIM Configuration Migration Resources

TechNet Reference for Forefront Identity Manager

Configuration Migration Deployment Guide

Windows PowerShell Configuration Tools for FIM 2010


Default RCDCs

Default Name Default GUID
Configuration for Approval Viewing 165182c3-a61b-42c2-b2f5-0610f3ddd84a
Configuration for Attribute Type Description 7552d4a0-6ebd-4123-b7a8-9c7f54d5bc65
Configuration for Binding Description ef0a04a3-0fce-4421-80ad-63f472e49b8f
Configuration for Constant Specifier 9fc03ab1-1bc8-4a4e-b8f6-94f59dfb0812
Configuration for Domain Configuration 9243730c-7a1b-4e3c-8f6c-c4e366dd0110
Configuration for Email Template 02910881-421b-4b5e-8e9a-63c2f04099fd
Configuration for Filter Permission 5413b00a-e999-4459-bb9a-5f33f74bacaf
Configuration for Flow Definition Popup 8aa67dca-8824-4d32-96d2-3f21ed1239f2
Configuration for Forest Configuration e808a4fa-fcb4-478a-98d2-f5172035d80
Configuration for Group Creation a32dec19-9505-4c8b-b8c4-b26f3932d773
Configuration for Group Editing 6753e552-5038-45b5-b6e6-15091c7407bb
Configuration for Group Viewing e50958e2-b85a-4cb4-a683-b95527ca2280
Configuration for Home Page Resource 01154346-5918-4b63-a869-22fd3fdafc66
Configuration for Management Policy Rule Creation 3c63462f-78e3-45d7-94c3-83a3d084493c
Configuration for Management Policy Rule Editing f1a0659f-d183-4859-8293-c7766d70afc9
Configuration for Management Policy Rule Viewing d41efc7e-c33b-41d0-92ab-2d227913eef3
Configuration for Management Policy Rules Explorer 0565e5f1-0d89-485d-9a23-d8208ff22de3
Configuration for Navigation Bar Resource e85f0df3-e2eb-4763-b0ff-f2331cc66e59
Configuration for Request 46729b85-96b8-49ee-ac5b-64b4ccc04fb6
Configuration for Resource Control Display Configuration Creation 861c45a4-d507-4c11-91db-bdb68bb3af73
Configuration for Resource Control Display Configuration Editing b7fed8bd-fd93-4342-8849-cc59f4210bac
Configuration for Resource Control Display Configuration Viewing 4b0b1d6d-6307-467a-bb5e-3e92b90c9cd8
Configuration for Resource Type Description 261b5990-aa02-4875-92ab-86feaa5f879b
Configuration for Search Scope b4b6a761-892d-4285-b17d-74dbf5a15986
Configuration for Set Creation 7d3fa1ba-36d3-4989-a2e6-4e3cbe1bf40d
Configuration for Set Editing 967c0272-9b2e-46c4-895d-4cd10387442e
Configuration for Set Viewing 7d3fa1ba-36d3-4989-a2e6-4e3cbe1bf40e
Configuration for Synchronization Rule ecbff780-511b-45da-85fe-65cbf236d80f
Configuration for Synchronization Rule Viewing and Editing 8aa59dca-7759-4d32-96d2-3f21ed1239f2
Configuration for User Creation 03707f4c-45a2-4906-b24a-0254fae4fc09
Configuration for User Editing cc802776-9127-400d-aee2-1b43d538d01e
Configuration for User Viewing f241e254-8f89-4d00-984f-0b75e8193428
Configuration for Workflow Definition Creation bed9e2ac-e97e-4d00-a294-96405b26e6d3
Configuration for Workflow Definition Editing ac01bffb-8d54-4b53-a034-74e7e0e293fb
Configuration for Workflow Definition Viewing 61f748f3-87d8-4301-bba7-c2a2da089dba



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