Recently I helped out on an ILM setup with SAP.

The connection was using a SAP router.

This is not the same a SAP Message server.

Except for the important difference in functionality, the ILM ERPMA help is not completely clear on the method to connect to these type of SAP Servers.

The ERPMA in ILM (and its configuration tool) needs a connection string to communicate with the SAP server.

Below you’ll find some interesting links with information on the SAP connection string:

The last link provides an interesting insight on the connection string for connecting to a SAP Router.

This document discusses a similar issue.

The ILM ERPMA help and different SAP related documents offer 2 types of structure for the SAP connection string.

  1. (/H/.../S/.../W/...)

But after some research, tt became clear, that you also can use a mix of them, like

ASHOST="/H/saprouter/H/sapapplicationserver" R3NAME=XXX GROUP="xxxx" CLIENT=NNN SYSNR=NN

If no group available, it is defaulted to public. No need to put it in the connection string.

This document confirms this setting

More specific, check the section: single hop SAPRouter connection

Additionally you might need to create a file (in c:\Windows) with the name sapmsg.ini

In this sample they’ve put the following entry in the file (where XYZ is the ini of the system):

Message Server


Also , if you need more detailed information while troubleshooting the ERPMA, enable verbose logging:

-> Enabling and Disabling SAP RFC and CPIC Trace