You can build integration solutions with BizTalk Server, a server product from Microsoft intended to provide large scale Enterprise Application Integration. The rise of the internet, mobile devices, Software as a Service, Internet of Things the demand for hybrid and cloud integration becomes apparent. Therefore Microsoft has created services in Azure to provide you capabilities to build such solutions. The Service Bus has the capabilities to build brokered and direct messaging with queues, topics and subscriptions, and relays. Another service, BizTalk Services, was intended to build integration solution to bridge cloud with on premise Line-Of-Business systems. Going forward Microsoft has based on the BizTalk Services and Micro services paradigm build Apps service. 

The App Service is a collection of web, mobile, logic and API apps as depicted in the above diagram. And in this article we will go into building a simple Logic App. A Logic App enables you to build an automated process across SaaS and on-premises using a Browser. You log into Azure Portal, go to preview portal in case you land on the current portal. This is the starting point to create a Logic App. Note that the Logic App i.e. App Service is still in preview mode until later this year when it will become generally available.

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