Was working on one of the issues reported on the SQL Server Reporting Services, Power View forum https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/af94d055-f0e5-4569-8ec4-da25ca05ec87/how-to-uncheck-the-checked-options-in-ssrs-parameters?forum=sqlreportingservices#3a05f5b9-164e-4430-a2c5-31b9fb2f7790 According to my fellow friend Nazeer , He wanted the parameter selection to be refreshed once user attempts to select the paramter for the second time. This behavior is by design,So I thought of having a workaround to solve the issue. Below are the steps I followed to achieve it. 1.Create a paramter of boolean type and name it as "Retain Old Selection" and have a default value as true 2. Create your parameter that is actual parameter which holds the values to be passed to report.Bind the available values from your desired dataset. 3. In your dataset pass a parameter as @refresh which is getting the value from Retain Old Selection parameter based on the below expression. =IIf(Parameters!ReportParameter2.Value = false,"False","True") 4. In your query apply the condition which will be something like the below query IF @refresh = 'True' SELECT c1, c2, c3 FROM Tabled Hope this helps !! Regards, Milan