Hello Dear (a) reader (a) Today I'll talk a little bit of difference between the two worlds. The world of software and the application world. Is "fashionable" today the application to turn a product and this project receive investors. But what happened to the software? 

Before speaking of the application, I want to go back a few years to talk about the software. Since when I moved to the city I live today, companies hire developers with a formal contract to develop internal software or a client who is in need. Other companies already focus on product "box or shelf" software that you purchase the box to install or choose on the shelf of a supermarket or American supermarket.

At 14 I started developing software and 15 I sold my first. I sold the financial control software, input, output and costs. A local software, local database and internal network accessed through a server, which looked more like an ordinary PC.

The software itself is expensive to be more complete and robust than an application. After the release of app stores like the App Store, Android Play and Microsoft Marketplace, the application has become more popular than software. Software to be more robust and need an infrastructure to work, the application needs a 4G connection, 3G or Wi-Fi and a Device "smartphone". The app stores has its own infrastructure, maintained by large companies for the developer to publish your app there.

Speaking of price, I've had enough to develop software for the company that worked and saw the same sell for millions. That's right, the software can be sold for millions, depending on the contract to win with the government or customer to buy the license to use. Since the application, the developer is left with only 70% of the value and the price was popularized both the average of the apps came out of millions to $ 1.

The CEO who popularized the app is no longer among us, but other companies have copied the same idea and created their own stores. Another example is the box of software, or shelf: generally the value is R $ 300.00 reais but the app that can do the same thing, on a mobile device, can cost $ 2.99 dollars; this is; prices are set by the developer and the published store. 

The old software should be discovered by the customer or else the company would have to disclose it to sell. The day may already appear in the application "smartphone" user with a few clicks, or the app when published, it is now available in almost every country in the world. Only it depends on the store published to be available. Of course, you need to put multiple languages ​​in the app to appear in other countries.

Can you imagine that your app, developed in house, may appear in Russia, Japan and be a success? The software to get these countries, the work would be quite unlike the application.

Still I know several companies that make software, rather than applications. Some of them are losing market or letting the opportunity pass without noticing what you're missing many of the customers. A tip for these companies is trying to turn the software on applications, even in modules to offer its customers.

A great move applications today is the transformation of an app into service and after selling some shares or the company to investors. Thus, small applications and small ideas have turned into millions of dollars. Many apps after the success end up being sold or incorporated into large companies in the technology world.

My tip is: keep an eye on the market and do not let the opportunity pass. Enjoy and learn how to do business. What pays off for you? Make an app or software? In my opinion, I prefer to analyze the customer, the need, the idea before taking the final decision.

I hope you enjoyed the article and any questions can contact the site www.mauriciojunior.org.