In Hyper -V there is an option called " Move" you can move your virtual machines Storage or Host with the Hyper -V Manager console.


Hyper-V Manager Installed


The error occurs when it is necessary to move the VM's a Hyper- V host to another , experiencing the error " Storage migration was not finished ."

This error occurs because the Hyper -V have one rule migrate two " VM's " simultaneously in a Hyper -V Hosts , be it a migration only VM's , or migration VHD's .

As we can see in the images below shows the error due to this limitation.

As we can see we have two migrations going on when I start the setup wizard to make the move from the third machine it occurs the above error not letting me finish to complete the wizard .

We can change this option within the Hyper -V Manager console in " Hyper -V Settings ..; " .

In "Storage Migrations " have the option of "default " comes to the quantity of "2" migration. It can be changed to how many are needed for your use.

Remembering that these migrations use very Disk / Memory / Network  so it has maintained as two simultaneous migrations.

After changing the amount can click " Apply" and "OK" .


In the above article we learn how to change the option to move more than 2 VM's the same time.

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