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The cmdlet gets all the lists in a given site. In order to retrieve a specific list, use | Where (examples below).


IncludeAllProperties  Optional  Switch. By default set to $false. If used, retrieves the properties of the lists, including workflows, views, versioning settings. 


----- EXAMPLE 1 ------

----- EXAMPLE 2 ------
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties 

----- EXAMPLE 3 ------
Retrieve properties for one list.
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties | where {$_.Title -eq "Documents"}

----- EXAMPLE 4 ------
Select all empty lists (library is also a list).
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties | where {$_.ItemCount -eq 0} | select title, RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl

----- EXAMPLE 5 ------
Check versioning settings for all lists.
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties $true | select title, *version*

----- EXAMPLE 6 ------
Check the number of items for all lists.
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties | select title, itemcount

----- EXAMPLE 7 ------
Export the lists and their settings to a CSV file.
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties | export-csv c:\testytoDelete.csv

----- EXAMPLE 8 ------
Get all document libraries.
Get-SPOList -IncludeAllProperties | where {$_.BaseTemplate -eq 101} | select title

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