This article describes a function of a custom SharePoint Online module available for download and installation here.

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The cmdlet creates a new SharePoint Online list or library in a site where you are connected.


 Name  Mandatory/Optional  Description
  Title   Mandatory  
 TemplateType  Optional  Int. The template type specifies what kind of list should be created: task list, custom list, calendar, document library, picture library etc.
For all the IDs check the  MSDN List Template Types.
If the template type is not specified, a Custom List (type=100) will be created.
 Description  Optional  String. Sets the description of the list.
 DocumentTemplateType  Optional  Int. Gets or sets a value that specifies the identifier of the document template for the new list.
 TemplateFeatureID  Optional  GUID. Sets the template feature id
 ListUrl  Optional  String. Sets the URL of the list. If not specified, the URL will be the same as the title.


----- EXAMPLE 1 ------
Create a new task list.
New-SPOList -Title "Task01"  -TemplateType 107

----- EXAMPLE 2 ------
Create multiple test libraries.
for($i=0;$i -lt 10; $i++){New-SPOList ("SimpleLibrary"+$i) -TemplateType 101 -Description "For Testing Purposes Only"}

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