Azure File Storage uses SMB 3.0's encrypted transport to enable access via the Internet.

This often requires organizations to unblock port 445 for outbound TCP traffic.

For many small businesses and residential homes, ISP's may block 445.

We have put together this Wiki page for people to add their ISP's based on their experiences. Please update the Wiki page with relation to whether your ISP allows or disallows use of SMB3 and a link to the ISP's policy.

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  • Frontier - Allowed, however their website appears to indicate it is blocked - potentially this is just for inbound traffic.
  • AT&T - Through a cellphone wifi hotspot.
  • Mediacom - Allowed
  • CenturyLink - Allowed
  • KPN - Allowed (Completely unblocked since 2017)
  • Time Warner Cable - Allowed
  • Paxio (Silicon Valley) - Allowed
  • DST (Brunei) -  Allowed
  • TelBru (Brunei) - Fiber Optic  Allowed
  • Entel Peru - Internet Mobile




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