This article describes a function of a custom SharePoint Online module available for download and installation on GitHub  where it welcomes all your suggestions and contributions.


Creates a new list column.


ListTitle  Mandatory  Name of the list 
FieldDisplayName  Mandatory  String. 
FieldType  Mandatory  String. Takes specific values. Use Tab in the Shell to see the options. The values are: 'AllDayEvent','Attachments','Boolean', 'Calculate', 'Choice', 'Computed', 'ContenttypeID', 'Counter', 'CrossProjectLink', 'Currency', 'DateTime', 'Error', 'File', 'Geolocation', 'GridChoice', 'Guid', 'Integer', 'Invalid', 'Lookup', 'MaxItems', 'ModStat', 'MultiChoice', 'Note', 'Number', 'OutcomeChoice', 'PageSeparator', 'Recurrence', 'Text', 'ThreadIndex', 'Threading', 'Url','User', 'WorkflowEventType', 'WorkflowStatus' 
Description  Optional  String. 
Required  Optional  String. 
Group  Optional  String. 
StaticName  Optional  String. 
Name  Optional  String.
Version  Optional  String. 
AddToView  Optional  String. The name of the view where the column should be added. By default, the column is added to the default view for the list. If ADDTOVIEW parameter is specified, the column will be added to the default view AND additional specified view. 


----- EXAMPLE 1 ------
Create a column.
New-SPOListColumn -ListTitle MyList6 -FieldDisplayName Field21 -FieldType Note

----- EXAMPLE 2 ------
New-SPOListColumn -ListTitle MyList6 -FieldDisplayName InvoicePaid -Required $true -FieldType Boolean -Description "Mark whether the invoice has been paid" -Group "Customized Custom Columns" -Name IPaid

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