While working with a large MS-Excel file (say 10,000 rows), it may also contain a large amount of features, and it may also happen that the user is running the file on low available memory resources. First and foremost, to avoid these error messages, the users should keep in account that there are certain Excel specifications and limits, that above these limitations, the file may misbehave or it may not open. Or may show the error message as”Excel cannot complete this task with available resources

However, this above error message can be very generic and don't always identify the real cause of the issue. In case this error message shows, follow these simple quick fixes:

  • Identify the spreadsheet contents: Determine whether the error is specific to one workbook or many workbooks.  This error may show while inserting a row or column, sorting, performing calculations, copy and pasting, or opening or closing the workbook.
  • Clear up all the background applications that consume a lot of memories: As these background applications consume the computer's memory that is not enough for Excel.
  • Using the 64-Bit version of Excel: Voluminous Excel files use the memory available to the 32 bit Excel that has a 2 GB limitation. But in case, the Excel files need more than 2 GB's then you need to move from 32-Bit to 64-Bit Microsoft Excel.
  • Close all other applications: The Excel spreadsheets that are not in use should be closed.
  • Removing all unnecessary formatting in Excel sheets: Select the whole worksheet using Ctrl+A and then in the right-hand side of the "Home" ribbon, select "Clear" and then "Clear Formats".
  • Installing the latest updates: The out-of date files must be replaced immediately as this can fix vulnerabilities. Automatically download and install recommended updates by setting Windows Update.
  • The role of Add-ins: Keep a watch on the Add-ins that currently running, and disable them and check if Excel is working properly or not.
  • Without an Antivirus: Antivirus sometimes continuously scan the Excel file or its contents and cause problems. To avoid this, shut off the antivirus temporarily or remove the antivirus guard. 
  • Automatic calculations set to manual:

    Click on 'File'.

    Select "Options".

    Go to the "Formulas" ribbon.

    Select "Manual" and select OK. 

    Select "Calculate Now" to carry out calculations manually.

  • Use several spreadsheets to split your data.
  • If all these steps don’t work, then finally shut down all the applications and restart your computer.