This page is a collection of short URL bookmarks to quickly find FIM article collections and references. 

Originally it was targeted at new FIMsters, but it also serves as external memory for more experience FIM professionals and teachers.

It ONLY contains shortcut URLs, short URLs, as a quick reference. The source articles themselves do contain the core technical content.

The purpose of this collection is to have a one stop shop for useful FIM/MIM links.


This page replaces the old link collection on Curah!, but that has been migrated to

And the current 'large tile' format at breaks the 'quick reference' function. The tiles only focus on graphics and do not properly displaying text, titles, short info or links... The collection will move back to if feature parity has been reset. (Original curation at:



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For Starters

 Description URL 
Getting started with FIM 2010 - Resources for FIM starters
FIM 2010 Best practices
FIM 2010: Planning security setup for accounts, groups and services



 Description URL 
Best Practice Analyzer for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2
Forefront Identity Manager Resources
Ramp Up - Implementing Forefront Identity Manager 2010
FIM 2010: Planning Disaster recovery
FIM 2010: Management Agents from Partners
Management Agent Communication Ports, Rights, and Permissions
Deprecated Features And Planning For The Future
 How to License FIM 2010 and MIM 2016


Builds and Hotfixes

 Description URL 
FIM 2010 Build Overview, or

Microsoft's Identity Software: Public Release Build


 Description URL 
Technet forums - Forefront Identity Manager 2010
The FIM Team User Group - The FIM Team Community



 Description URL 
FIM 2010 Wiki Articles



 Description URL 
How to Use PowerShell to Fix an ObjectSID on an FIM Portal Object


Books & Video

 Description URL 
MIM Book (reworked version of FIM 2010 R2 book): Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Handbook
FIM BOOK: Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 Handbook | Packt
FIM BOOK: FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1: Introduction, Architecture And Installation
Enterprise Identity Management with Microsoft Forefront Identity Management [Video] | Packt