This article describes a function of a custom SharePoint Online module available for download and installation on GitHub.


Adds an existing column to a list content type.


ListTitle  Mandatory   String. Name of the title where the content type is located. 
ColumnName  Mandatory    String. Internal name of a title of the column. Please beware! Display name is most often NOT the title nor internal name. 
ContentTypeID  Mandatory  String. The ID of the content type. 
ListColumn  Optional  Switch. Whether the column to be added is a list column or a site column. 


----- EXAMPLE 1 ------
Add a column to the Content Type.
New-SPOListContentTypeColumn -ListTitle MyList6 -ColumnName Author -ContentTypeID 0x010722

----- EXAMPLE 2 ------
Add all list columns to one list Content Type.
$FieldInternalNames=(Get-SPOListFields -ListTitle "MyList6").InternalName
foreach( $inti in $FieldInternalNames){New-SPOListContentTypeColumn -ListTitle "MyList6" -ColumnName $inti -ContentTypeID 0x0100E36FF6B362D1B34BB955946F1523F73D}
foreach( $inti in $FieldInternalNames){New-SPOListContentTypeColumn -ListTitle "MyList6" -ColumnName $inti -ContentTypeID 0x0100E36FF6B362D1B34BB955946F1523F73D -ListColumn}

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