This page discusses some custom graphics realizing Microsoft’s Modern Design platform in daily day electric appliances. It very briefly touches base on the concept of Internet of Things incorporated in our household devices built on top of Microsoft Universal Design Guidelines as seen in Windows 10 and its predecessors.

Just in case you’re not familiar with this phenomenon called Internet of Things (IoT), the world we live in is not the same as it was few years ago. Back then, when we built machines and later devices, the physical work was made easier by taking some of the work off from our shoulders. But today, we have come far away from the shore as technology has evolved so much that it has made its new identity, a new species. Every species has a creator, for some it is debatable; however we can only imagine the power of human brain that has built the species that can do our work better, faster and more efficiently.  Imagine these machines that we built; growing up, taking more and more responsibility and eventually doing all of our work for us. The author of this post believes that we’ve entered that age; the era where machines are not just pieces of metal but they have started to think, and as I like to believe, “the only things better than machines are smart machines”.

Species need to connect, in order to survive, build a community and be dependent on each other to move forward. The phenomenon called Internet of Things (IoT) is leading towards that path for the machines today. IoT revolves around a well governed system in which the machines are connected to each other through a single channel, the internet. The machine or better put a device does no longer not belong to its owner but it is rather part of a bigger community where devices speak to each other in order to share data and make better decisions. Every device has its own identity, may it be QR codes or digital signatures.  The phenomenon of this machine unison is known as “ambient intelligence”.

Meet Microsoft Windows 10 powered Home Appliances

Using the Microsoft Modern Design principles as it is by far the most user friendly interface that I’ve witnessed and given its strong development backbone; Windows 10 Core, I’ve presented concept design for smart electrical appliances having a brand new touch based interface.

Imagine the Fridge in your kitchen having a Windows interface, the one which you have been familiarized with for a long time. Doesn’t that make your work easier and gives you greater insight? Everything, from setting the temperature to checking how many items are left in the fridge can be done remotely. Having the Windows core installed you can have custom apps on the device as well, checking the weather for instance, or setting up your calendar.

Now imagine the voice assistant learning from your actions and giving you important information while you’re cooking food

Weather precautions are just one of the many possibilities this technology can be used for. 

Tired of having the same old family recipes? Try the smart microwave powered by Microsoft Embedded Windows 10: 

And the cherry on top, having an intelligent assistant helping you out!

That's not all, this technology can be extended to cars as well:

The time for going through printed maps or having to travel with someone riding shotgun is long gone. It is time for an intelligent assistant, much like Cortana, who can help you through your journey in whatever way possible. Find places to go, or play tunes according to your mood, or even text people on your behalf so, you can drive safely.


The realm of Internet of Things is a still untapped but has a lot of potential. Human-Computer connectivity is the future and we are slowly molding into it whether we like to admit it or not. With Windows 10 Core, we’ll have the power to fuel a great variation of devices all running the same kernel and using Microsoft Modern Design, I’ve presented the case for smart devices that we’ve been playing around for a long time, however this time, connected using Microsoft Azure and powered by the same Universal Interface we all Love.