Any article posted to the TNWiki must be about a Microsoft product, non-Microsoft related articles are inappropriate.  If you are writing about a Microsoft product then it's best to be clear which one.

If you wish to publish other content, the TechNet Wiki is not the right place.

Should you ignore the rules you are likely to see your article removed.


One of the things the TNWiki Council does is to advise whether an article has enough Microsoft related content to qualify.

Technet Wiki is not Wikipedia and any article must be about a Microsoft product in some way or another.

This principal guideline is described here:

There are two categories which are worth highlighting: where the connection is either

  • Indirect or
  • obscured (less obvious or not obvious).


Indirect Connection

These sort of articles do not qualify because they're not specifically Microsoft technology related.

Maybe they are about a technology you might use whilst doing, eg say ".Net development" but by themself not a Microsoft technology.

For example, if you consider web development then you might use HTML5, CSS and Javascript. These are not Microsoft products, but general web development languages and hence not appropriate for the TNWiki.

Even if you add ".... and you could use this in mvc." on the end of your article about HTML5 then that isn't enough.

Your article could, however, be about the 5 most useful HTML5 tags for ASP.NET MVC. /p>

You could include explanation of why these are particularly useful, some code samples... and you're good.

You just need some clear and concrete link to Microsoft technologies.


Obscured connection

An article with an obscure connection is usually written by someone who is a little too focussed on a specific technical point. Here the author completely forgets to mention that this is Visual F# code or written in Visual Studio.

IInstead they focus completely on the detail, maybe some particular clever function they wrote.

Someone unfamiliar with the subject and language looks at it. They don't "just know" that it's F# or how you would develop this.

Making it obvious what the article is about will make it easier for any reader to follow as well as clearer that it's Microsoft technology you're using. Review your article once complete. Did you explain the bigger picture? Is the context clear?


What Happens?

Not appropriate

If your article is obviously not appropriate then the Council won't get involved at all, they will be reported by the community and get deleted without notice.

Obviously, those guys posting adverts for fridges and the like are "just" spammers who ought to know better.



If it's felt to be borderline then the Council will be asked for advice and a decision is reached.

An author who is writing content which is inappropriate will be contacted where practical. Maybe it could be adapted a bit.

If there there is no response or the article remains inappropriate then it will be removed.



If you need some examples, please check :


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