To create a Silverlight for Windows Embedded control panel home page for your device, include the SYSGEN_CTLPNL2 catalog item in your OS design. To add custom control panel items to this Silverlight control panel home page, directly add registry entries and relevant files to your OS design..

Add Custom Control Panel Category Pages to a Control Panel Home Page

By default, your OS design includes the SYSGEN_CTLPNL2 catalog item. Registry entries are in the file %_WINCEROOT%\public\wceshellfe\oak\files\wceshellfe.reg and include the following lines to define the basic control panel home page:

;----------------------------start CONTROL PANEL 2 (Settings) ---------------------------------------
; Main Navigation CPL
@="Settings main window"
"Title"="Settings main window"

To create a custom control panel item on the control panel home page, you must add custom code to %_WINCEROOT%\public\wceshellfe\oak\files\wceshellfe.reg to include the registry entries and relevant source files in your run-time image.

For example, the following code creates a custom control panel category page that uses the same XAML code as the basic control panel home page and the same icon as the default Bluetooth settings. For simplicity, the code configures the custom category page to contain two identical choices, both of which specify the default executable application for Wi-Fi control.

        @="Nav CPL sample"
        "Title"="Nested Navigation Panel sample"

After you build the run-time image and download it to the device, to see the new custom control panel category page, run ctlpnl2.exe on the device, which passes the GUID of the new custom control panel category page as an argument. To open a Windows Embedded Compact 7 Command Prompt window, on the Target menu, click Target Control. At the command prompt, type:

s ctlpnl2 {8A5AB1E2-ECFE-422b-9632-9868B427694F}.

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