Create a new UWP project

Go to add new item and add 3 'Blank Pages', page1, page 2 and page3 respectively

Now add two stackpanels  and a frame in it and name the frame to refer it later

Add Home, Back and Forward buttons in the stackpanel and assign click events to them.

Go to the constructor of MainPage.xaml.cs and type MyFrame.Navigate(typeof(Page1)); so the first page loads as the application runs

Copy the same code in home button click event

Go to Page1.xaml and create a button and a textblock

Go to Page2.xaml and create a button and a textblock

Go to page2.xaml.cs click's event and write Frame.Navigate(typeof(Page3));

Go to page1.xaml.cs click's event and write Frame.Navigate(typeof(Page2));

Go to page3.xaml and create a textblock

Now go to MainPage.xaml.cs and write the code to make the navigation work

Now run the program and see the navigation in work!

Source Code