This page is intended to gather suggestions of Iconography for the Technet Guru Competition.


The background to this is explained in this blog post. Please read that before making suggestions or asking questions here. There's a New Year on it's way and time for new new new on the Wiki Guru competition.

What Do We Want?

The sort of thing we're looking for is suggestions on at least two Logos or Icons.
  • One should work at a small enough scale to be engraved on a pen. ( Probably tricky to improve on the stick men we currently have though. )
  • The other has to work at a much larger scale and will be used in the competition results every month. in the footer of winning articles and as badges on people's blogs.
The larger Logo will indicate Gold, Silver or Bronze awards so there will be 3 colours ( or 3 something or others ) to indicate first, second or third.

Although this intended as a collaborative process it does offer a great showcase for someone as part of their public portfolio of work. The end result will be seen every month by many people and this will grow month on month. The Guru competition is an official Microsoft award.
As a result this could well be attractive to aspiring and professional graphics artists. Although it should be mentioned all you get in the short term is our thanks, praise and fame rather than fortune.

Exactly how this all works, well that's part of the suggestions we're looking for.
One option is to write an app which generates an svg with variable writing on a "medal" which has a metallic 3d effect. That way we could "inscribe" an svg for each winner each month. This is of course extra work for someone so a way of automating that generation is something to consider. Maybe only the gold medallist gets a custom medal. Maybe we invent a new super winner category so we pick the best out a year or something.

You could maybe incorporate a 3d effect digit - 1 2 3. Although that then means you need some way to make it clear the award is associated with the TnWiki Guru competition.

Whatever is chosen must be clearly on message. It would be nice if it fitted in with the current wiki ninja iconography and just a plain round medal is, well, plain. Unless you have a Ninja plan to jazz one up in a unique TnWiki way.
Current thinking is that a picture of a Guru is just a picture of a person to most people.


You might be wondering "Why is this page up here now, they're not even ready?". That's in order to open the door to broader suggestions on this than would be available when the details are firmed up.
What that means is that YOU can influence the direction we go with on this.
All you need to do is contact the Technet Wiki Ninjas on Facebook. There are several Facebook pages for various languages and you can find links to them in Ed's blog post here.

Current State of this Process

The finer details are to follow. We are currently in the initial phases.
This is going to happen but things like closing date have yet to be agreed.

Rough Prototype Suggestion

This section is intended to provide some inspiration and to give a flavour of what the plan is. Each winning article will get a banner which goes at the end. This will have 2 divs, one floated left will contain a logo ( your logo ) the bulk of the banner will go in a div floated right and that will include:
  • A Microsoft Logo to highlight the fact this is an official MS award
  • Statement of award category and month.
  • Link to the Wiki Ninja Blog announcement containing the list of winners for that month by way of proof.
This might be extended to include lists of other winning articles or awards the user has. That aspect is to be firmed up and you can make suggestions on this as well on Facebook ( or skype if you are a TnWIki Ninja Blogger. )  That particular section might not need quite as much artistic talent though.

Note that the current wiki is quite an old platform. Although a replacement is in the works you should aim to rely on very simple inline css styling. If you're new to authoring on the Wiki and or thinking "Float?" then check out this article.

The picture below was put together using MS Paint in around 10 minutes for the first draft and 5 minutes for a couple of minor improvements. Although simple does have it's attractions a 3d metallic effect on the medal is an obvious improvement which could be made. This is intended just as an initial rough.
If you're wondering what the stickman is doing there then you didn't follow the link to the blog entry CLICK >>>> here.

I'm still working on this: 

Microsoft Banner 
Awarded Gold in the Windows Presentation Foundation category November 2015 
Link to Blog entry listing winners for month ( as proof ).