Microsoft has always been up to the mark in terms of tools and technologies. Now, they're supporting open source technologies too. They've also extended support for open source technologies in their most powerful IDE, Visual Studio.

In this article, we'll see how a Java developer can code inside Visual Studio Community 2015 which is powerful, extensible and free. With awesome IntelliSense of Visual Studio, Java developers will feel great to work in most friendly IDE.


First, you need to download and install Visual Studio Community 2015.

Then, download and install Integra Studio. It is a solution that maps with JDK and allow you work on Java applications in Visual Studio. It also supports mixed code debugging (Java/C++). You should have JDK 1.8+ version.

Right now, Integra Studio is in beta stage and allows only Ant build systems and Maven build systems. It is going to be released soon with many more features. Following screenshots depicts the magic of Integra Studio and Visual Studio Community. 

Creating Java project in Visual Studio Community

Solution Explorer:

Editing Java source file:


Screenshots have been taken from Integra Studio official site. You can see more here.