System Requirements

Hardware Requirement




Hard disk

Database Server

64-bit, 4 cores

8-24 GB

80 GB for system drive, 100 GB for second drive and additional drives

SharePoint Server

64-bit, 4 cores

8-12 GB

80 GB for system drive, 80 GB for second drive

Software Details:



Installation media

Database Server

Windows Server 2012 R2 – with latest updates

SQL Server 2014 with SP1 – x64

SharePoint Server

Windows Server 2012 R2 – with latest updates

SharePoint Server 2016 Preview

Create a Services Account

Create the Service Accounts needed. We have added the following Service Accounts with permissions to the SQL and SharePoint servers.

Member of the Local Administrators group on SharePoint Server and SQL Server.

(Go to Local Users and Groups -> Administrators group Properties -> Add)

• Access to server that runs SQL Server.

• Member of the following SQL Server roles:

o securityadmin fixed server role

o dbcreator fixed server role

o Public fixed server role

Prerequisites Installation

Prerequisite tools for Offline Installation: You need to configure Roles and Features on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Open an elevated PowerShell prompt (i.e. Run as Administrator) and execute the following:

Import-Module ServerManager

Add-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Features,Web-Server,Web-WebServer,Web-Common-Http,Web-Static-Content,Web-Default-Doc,Web-Dir-Browsing,Web-Http-Errors,Web-App-Dev,Web-Asp-Net,Web-Net-Ext,Web-ISAPI-Ext,Web-ISAPI-Filter,Web-Health,Web-Http-Logging,Web-Log-Libraries,Web-Request-Monitor,Web-Http-Tracing,Web-Security,Web-Basic-Auth,Web-Windows-Auth,Web-Filtering,Web-Digest-Auth,Web-Performance,Web-Stat-Compression,Web-Dyn-Compression,Web-Mgmt-Tools,Web-Mgmt-Console,Web-Mgmt-Compat,Web-Metabase,Application-Server,AS-Web-Support,AS-TCP-Port-Sharing,AS-WAS-Support, AS-HTTP-Activation,AS-TCP-Activation,AS-Named-Pipes,AS-Net-Framework,WAS,WAS-Process-Model,WAS-NET-Environment,WAS-Config-APIs,Web-Lgcy-Scripting,Windows-Identity-Foundation,Server-Media-Foundation,Xps-Viewer –Source <your source path>

<your source path> – where you have mounted the Windows Server 2012 installation media (ISO) to, example: “D:\sources\sxs”.

Your server will require a reboot after running this PowerShell code.

Then download the following SharePoint 2016 prerequisite tools from Microsoft Download Center for Offline Installation:

– Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client

– Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server

– Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 SP1 (x64)

– Windows Server AppFabric

– Microsoft Identity Extensions

– Microsoft Information Protection and Control Client 2.1

– Microsoft WCF Data Services 5.6

– Cumulative Update Package 1 for Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server (KB2671763)

– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

– Update for Microsoft .NET Framework to disable RC4 in Transport Layer Security (KB2898850)

– Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013

After you install prerequisite tools, reboot the server. All the prerequisites should now be installed, and you should be able to install SharePoint 2016.

Install SharePoint 2016 Prerequisites

SharePoint Server 2016 in look and feel is nearly like SharePoint 2013. At last announcements from Microsoft, SharePoint 2016 was improved in architecture to support cloud solutions and hybrid deployment.

Install SharePoint 2016 Prerequisites
A rough list is:

  • Windows Management Framework 3.0
  • Application Server Role
  • Web Server (IIS) Role
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Update for .NET Framework 4 (KB2898850)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client
  • Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime v1.0 SP1
  • Windows Server AppFabric 1.1
  • Windows Identity Fooundation v1.1
  • Microsoft Information Protection and Control Client
  • Microsoft WCF Data Services

Install SharePoint Server 2016

Run the Prerequisites.exe to launch Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Products Preparation Tool. Same as SharePoint 2013.

 Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Google Chrome (latest released version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest released version plus immediate previous version)
  • Apple Safari (latest released version)
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Possible Errors installing Prerequisities