Microsoft does not support uninstalling MSE via the normal FEP competitive uninstall, but you can uninstall MSE and install FEP using Configuration Manager package chaining.

Use the following steps:

  1. Download the mseinstall.exe ( to your Configuration Manager server and store it in a folder called c:\msebits
  2. Make a software deployment package in Configuration Manager based on the downloaded MSE program.
  3. Make a program for the package called uninstall that runs the following command:  mseinstall.exe /u /q /s
  4. Go to your FEP deployment package.
  5. Create a new program named Install – Uninstall MSE (Note: beginning the program with ‘install’ is important)
  6. The command line for the program is:  cscript.exe Polices\ApplyPolicy.vbs “FEPInstall.exe /s /q /sqmoptin”
  7. On the Advanced tab, enable Run another program first, and then select your MSEUninstall package and the Uninstall program similar to this:


Deploy the FEP package using the new program you created.