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Glossary, abbreviations & acronyms

Acronym Description See also
AAD Azure AD  
AAD Connect Azure AD Connect

= successor of AADSync


AADSync Azure AD Sync ADSync, AAD Connect
AADConnect See AAD Connect  
ACC Acceptance environment  
AD Active Directory  
ADDS Active Directory Domain Services  
ADSync Azure Active  
CM Certificate Manager,

Certificate Management

CS Connector space

Component of FIM Sync

DBA Database administrator  
DBO Database Owner  
DEV Development  
DirSync First version of O365 Directory Synchronization. Now deprecated and replaced by AADSync and AADconnect  
DTAP Development, Test, Acceptance & Production environments  
FIM Sync Svc FIM Synchronization Service  
FIMSync FIM Synchronization  
FIM Sync FIM Synchronization  
FIM Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (R2) FIM 2010, FIM 2010 R2
FIMCM FIM Certificate Manager  
LSG Local Security Group  
DLSG Domain Local Security Group  
HPA Highly priviledged account  
MIIS Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 MIIS 2003
MIM Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 MIM 2016
MV Metaverse, Component of FIM Sync  
O365 Office 365  
PCNS Password Change Notification Service  
PROD Production  
PW Password  
Pwd Password  
SG Security Group  
WF Workflow  
MA Management Agent FIM Sync
DSG Domain Security  
USG Universal Security Group  
DL Distribution List  
DG Distribution Group DL
MPR Management Policy Rule FIM Service component
SCCM System Center Configuration Manager  
SA SQL System Administrator  
SCSM System Center Service Manager  
SPF SharePoint Foundation  
SVC Service  
SVCA Service Account  
SVR Server  
TST Test Environment  

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