This page gives guidance on integrating Dynamics AX using BizTalk Server.

Dynamics AX Interface Capabilities

Application Integration Framework (AIF)

Messages can be conducted by:

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - default being netTcpBinding.
  • File
  • MSQM
  • Azure Service Bus Queues - outbound only - from CU6.

Service Types

  • Document Services – A document is created by using XML, including header information that is added to create a message that can be transferred into or out of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Examples of documents include sales orders and purchase orders. However, almost any entity can be represented by a document, for example a customer. Services that are based on documents use the Axd classes that are included with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Collectively, these services are called document services. 
  • System Services - WCF services are included with Microsoft Dynamics AX. These services enable clients to interact with and retrieve system information.
    • Metadata Services - Enables you to retrieve information about elements in the AOT.
    • Query Services - query for data without using an Application Integration Framework (AIF) document service or creating a custom service.
    • User Session Services - return information about the current Windows user.
  • Custom Services - Any existing X++ code can be exposed as a custom service simply by adding an attribute ... Use custom services when the schema for the entity can be written as a simple data contract class with relevant data member attributes set.

    Warning: AIF is Deprecated from AX7 : see

    Reason for deprecation The architecture of AIF and AxDs could not be scaled to a cloud service. There were performance issues around bulk import.
    Replaced by another feature? In the current version of Dynamics AX, this feature is replaced by Data Import/Export framework, which supports recurring bulk import/export. For AxBC, we recommend that you use the actual tables.
Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) Integration via files. Originally designed for data migration purposes, but now the primary mechanism for integration from AX7.
Standard File Import \ Export Functionality
Web API Services Used, for example, when mobile application integration is required. Implement REST services over AIF.
[Retail Server] Web API and OData  
Dynamics AX PowerShell CmdLets Call PowerShell scripts to perform administrative tasks including: general management; claims-based authentication configuration; user and role based security; model and model store operations; report server management.

BizTalk Integration Resources

AX 2009 (using BizTalk AIF Adapter)

AX 2012 (using WCF Services)

See Also

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