This article will provide you an overview of the deprecated features in SharePoint Server 2016.

List of deprecated features

Below is the list of deprecated features:

  1. No SharePoint Designer

    No new version of SharePoint designer, but we can still use SharePoint Designer 2013 with SharePoint Server 2016.

  2. No SharePoint Foundation

    There will be no SharePoint Foundation in SharePoint 2016. That means no more free SharePoint version. If anyone wants to test  SharePoint, I would say, use office 365 free one month subscription.

  3. No SQL Express

    SharePoint will not install SQL express anymore. SharePoint will just install only SharePoint components. We will have to install separately either on the same server or in a different server.

  4. NO ForeFront Identity Manager or FIM 

    In 2016, you don’t have the FIM option anymore. The only option is AD import, which can’t be customized and of course you can’t write back anything to AD.

  5. No STSADM 

    As per Microsoft STSADM officially deprecated Now.  I still remember, we used STSADM inside PowerShell commands to create site collections based on the custom site collection. In PowerShell, we can’t use same session to install WSP and to create site based on custom site definition.

  6. No Excel services 

    Excel service is now part of Office Online Server 2016.

  7. Standalone Install mode
    SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate doesn't support the standalone install option, so it is no longer available in the setup program
    Tags and Notes
    The Tags and Notes feature is deprecated in SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate. Users can no longer create new tags and notes or access existing ones

    SharePoint BI capabilities
    SharePoint Server 2016 requires updated versions that will ship later this year. The SQL Server 2014 Power Pivot and Power View add-ins for SharePoint Server 2016 cannot be deployed or used in SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate

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