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Using the Skydrive Pro app (Onedrive) to sync the documents in SharePoint library. We have around 10,000 documents to upload in SharePoint document library via OneDrive sync app.

Sudden, the app has stopped working to sync the document in the document library. We have tried to restart the machine but the issue still persists.

Issue is: Microsoft SkyDrive Pro has stopped working


The is problem of cache while upload documents via SkyDrive Pro app. 


We were able to resolve this same issue with the following steps

  1. Clear all browsing history on IE.
  2. Stop syncing all Skydrive Pro folders (have the remaining folders moved away from the original location to avoid duplicate renamed folders).
  3. Run IE as administrator and resync the libraries normally.

If you are facing issue after performing the above mentioned (point 1 to point 3) steps then perform the below other steps

  1. Close all your Office processes, such as groove.exe which is SkyDrive Pro,msouc.exe,  msosync.exe, office library sync. 

    Note: The processes vary based on different environment, so just kill as many as you can, if you do not see it in Task Manager, it is OK

  2. Browse to “Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\Spw” and delete all the content. You will find that this is all related to groove, and Spw equals SharePoint Workspace.

  3. Go to “Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache” and also delete all content from this folder. This is where all the caching from your files are stored

    Note: Just try to delete all, if one or two items cannot be deleted, that's OK

After delete everything, Open SkyDrive Pro app and this will work perfectly.