Problem / Situation

'Scroll to Top Search Result Page' OOTB functionality stopped working on search result page.
We have enterprise search center with customized branding (master page and page layout).


  • In search result web part checked the property "ScrollToTopOnRedraw" (after export search result web part) and it is set to 'True' (default).
  • Tried the solution described in blog but no success in hand
  • Now we have analyzed that this could be a problem of our customization in search template


  1. Export search result web part and set “ScrollToTopOnRedraw” property option to true
      <property name="ScrollToTopOnRedraw" type="bool">True</property>
  2. Update search result display template "Control_SearchResults.html" template and add “ctx.ClientControl.set_scrollToTopOnRedraw(true)” function at the top of Srch.U.shouldAnimate(ctx.DataProvider)) if condition.

    <div id="Control_SearchResults">
    if (Srch.U.shouldAnimate(ctx.DataProvider))
     ctx.OnPostRender = function(){ Srch.U.animateResults(ctx.ClientControl, ctx.DataProvider.get_userAction()); };
  3. If step 2 not worked for you then use JavaScript "window.scrollTo(0, 0);" method rather on place of "ctx.ClientControl.set_scrollToTopOnRedraw(true)" function.

  4. <div id="Control_SearchResults">
    <!--#_ //JS method for scroll to top issue
    window.scrollTo(0, 0);
    if (Srch.U.shouldAnimate(ctx.DataProvider))
    ctx.OnPostRender = function()
     Srch.U.animateResults(ctx.ClientControl, ctx.DataProvider.get_userAction());