Microsoft Azure is an optimized cloud solution for organizational infrastructure where we can enjoy many services. It is evolving rapidly and services are being used by Fortune 500 companies now.

In spite of all these facts, recently, we've come across some certain misconceptions that people are having regarding Azure.

This article is intended to bust all those myths.

Myth: Azure is only for Windows

Fact: Microsoft Azure is a platform-independent cloud computing solution. It also supports open source technologies and can be accessed from any OS i.e. Linux, Windows or MAC.

Myth: Azure is too expensive

Fact: NO, it is not expensive. As a matter of fact, it is 50% cheaper than other available cloud services. We pay exactly for what we use. In fact, there are some built-in resources which can help us in budget planning and cost-cutting.

Myth: Can't trust Azure for rapidly growing business

Fact: This statement came from those people who were worried about scalability. Let's clear this here, Azure has localized regional data centers and scaling it up or down is just a matter of clicks. Much better than any other cloud service in the market.

Myth: Azure is offering nothing new

Fact: Another BIG misconception. Microsoft Azure is rapidly evolving and improving. They have rolled out 300+ updates in last year.

 Bust the myths. Do your own research and educate yourself.