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 When navigating SharePoint, I often find myself wondering, “Where in the Information Architecture am I?” In an effort to provide a better way of navigating SharePoint Lists and Folders, I stumbled across an interesting solution, utilizing JavaScript Display Template, but also noticed that the JavaScript Display Template seemed missing as an option.

Ultimately, we are looking for something as follows:



Below are a few steps to enable Document List Folder breadcrumb navigation on SharePoint Online.

  • Download the necessary JavaScript by Sohel Rana: SharePoint 2013 Folder Navigation for List View WebPart
  • Navigate to Master pages (Site Settings \ Master pages).

  • Upload the FolderNavigation.js to the Master Page Gallery as a JavaScript Display Template.

  • If the JavaScript Display Template is missing, you will have to update the Master Page Gallery Library Settings. Navigate to the Library Settings.

  • On the Master Page Gallery Settings, verify the Content Types. You should see the JavaScript Display Template.

  • If the JavaScript Display Template does not exist, select “Add from existing site content types.”
  • In the Settings Add Content Types, Add the JavaScript Display Template to the list, and select OK.

  • Assuming you are able to upload the FolderNavigation.js as a JavaScript Display Template, perform the following settings:

  • Now, you are able to update Document List Web Parts for your site and subsites.
    • Navigate to the Document List Web Part, Edit Web Part
    • Scroll down to Miscellaneous settings, update the JS Link field to point to your FolderNavigation.js
      • ~siteCollection/_catalogs/masterpage/FolderNavigation.js
    • Select OK

This quick adjustment has helped our team become more productive when managing media via Document Lists.