Policy Name

Availability Replica Data Synchronization State


Data synchronization state of some availability database is not healthy.




Availability replica



This policy checks the data synchronization state of the database replica. The policy is in an unhealthy state when the data synchronization state is NOT SYNCHRONIZING or the state is not SYNCHRONIZED for the synchronous-commit database replica.


Possible Causes

At least one availability database on the replica has an unhealthy data synchronization state. If this is an asynchronous-commit availability replica, all availability databases should be in the SYNCHRONIZING state. If this is a synchronous-commit availability replica, all availability databases should be in the SYNCHRONIZED state. This issue can be caused by the following:

  • The availability replica might be disconnected.
  • The data movement might be suspended.
  • The database might not be accessible.
  • There might be a temporary delay issue due to network latency or the load on the primary or secondary replica.


Possible Solution

Resolve any connection or data movement suspend issues. Check the events for this issue using SQL Server Management Studio, and find the database error. Follow the troubleshooting steps for the specific error.