This article is about Flickr and Flickr object in Microsoft Small Basic programming language.

What is Flickr

Flickr is an image hosting web service and also a Yahoo company.

Flickr Object

Small Basic has simple Flickr object to get pictures via Flickr API.  Flickr object has only two operations:

  • GetPictureOfMoment - to get the URL of a picture of the moment.
  • GetRandomPicture - to get the URL of a picture tagged with the given tag.

Sample Program

Program ID PWW374-1 is a sample using Flickr.GetRandomPicture object.

The original photo is licensed under Creative Commons License by Luc.

Known Issue

Flickr object doesn't work in Small Basic v1.0 from June 2014.  This problem was fixed in Small Basic v1.1.

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