Introduction to Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens is a headset that revolutionize the way we perceive the interaction with Virtual world with very intuitive experience with holographic projection.

Hololens interaction

The general interaction occurs when we interact with an object

The interaction process are


It allows us to simply look at an object like we target with our eyes hence Gaze.


It allows us to interact with the object which we are Gazing(or aiming at through our eyes).

There can be different forms of gestures

Hand Gestures Interactions tap, place and others.


The interaction with an object occurs when we are gazing at it and speak voice commands.

Building Hololens app with C++ template

  1. To start with make sure you have installed Visual Studio 2015 update 2
  2. Hololens Emulator

We would be showing development without Unity to start with.

Currently for development  from Visual Studio two languages are supported

  1. C++
  2. C#



We will be covering C++ first

Open Visual Studio first

Then Click on new project

Leave the specification as it is

Click on Ok.

The project details in solution explorer.

Select it for Hololens emulator

Now click on yes for the build

 Now the Microsoft Hololens emulator will come up

The OS is starting

The main screen when Hololens emulator starts

The simulator tries to map the surroundings

The Hololens emulator in action

Now  we will see the cube in action within Hololens frame


With the help of C++ and other Direct X technology we can build lot of immersive apps for Hololens experience. I hope you like my First post at TechNet with it more learning and more experience I will post my updates on this topic.