Hello All,

Sharing some ways to install OEM native service into the Windows 10 device.


Native service is required in MY_APP for fetching serial number. Prerequisites for fetching serial number is that this service should be preinstalled into the device, if not we are unable to fetch serial number in MY_APP.
We can find particular service executable in MY_APP app, it will generated after building source code. Path for ‘NativeService.exe’ is ‘\MY_PROJECT_SOLUTION\ARM\ NativeService.exe’.
To install Native service we require TShell installed on machine. TShell is shipped with Windows 10 Development Kit, We need to install this if not present into the development machine.

Following are the commands need to use for installing Native service
- open-device –ip
- cdd c:\Data\test
- putd “\AbsolutePathToExe\NativeService.exe”
- cmdd “NativeService.exe -i”

 c:\Data\test == phone directory path, where you install this service

We can use “tlistd” command in TShell which outputs all running services. We can check there our Native service is running or not.

For reference TShell commands: https://sysdev.microsoft.com/en-us/Hardware/oem/docs/Phone_Testing/Using_TShell_workstation_commands here.

Note: It applies only to OEM providers.

Ravindra Singh Chhabra