Hello All,

Sharing some information on Credential Locker in UWP Apps

1) Its an API to store and roam credentials securely (Windows.Security.Credentials).

2) Since it is roamed across the devices, so we don't have to ask user for credentials again on other device running the same app.

3) Benefits: Secure Storage, Credential Isolation and roaming.

4) Credential roam across the trusted devices.

5) Uses public or business cloud according to primary user identity(MSA/AAD(Azure Active directory)).

6) Scenario: If your app connect to services like social networking. By only asking the user for login information once and store it in the Credential Locker between sessions will provide a good user experience.

7) Tips :
Avoid Large data blocks to store. It is best for saving passwords.
Make sure the user has successfully signed in and opted to save passwords before storing them in the Credential Locker.