This page is a centralized place to collect and report issues, bug and fixes related to the TechNet blog migration.

This is a community list of Known Issues for TechNet Blogs. As issues get fixed, we will move them to the Fixed Issues section.

If your issue is more like a Feature Request, then add it to the Feature Requests for TechNet and MSDN Profiles and Social Platform Tools.


Blog content

  •  When you hover over the stars at the top (Rate this article) it no longer indicates the number of ratings.
  • There no longer is an indication if you rated a blog post. You might click several times, not realizing you have rated multiple times.


Blog Layout





  • links to old categories not working
  • links to old categories are misinterpreted ('-' not correctly interpreted), causing dead links





  • user profile pictures are not shown in posts and comments
  • user name in comments does not link to their profile. In one case (waqas sarwar) it links to their web site.


RSS feeds

  • RSS feed not available
  • RSS feed only shown when RSS feed widget is installed 

TechNet Landing page


  • There used to be breadcrumbs in a blog post, so we could navigate to the home page for all wikininjas blog posts. Now we must modify the url.




Fixed Issues

Blog layout

  • BL1: Blog customization not migrated
    • [WORK AROUND]: manually migrate the menus, items, widgets by using HTML widgets and coping the original code from cached page (from Bing/Google cached version or WayBackMachine)


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