In this article, let's document all the new Windows PowerShell cmdlets for SharePoint 2016 RTM. Let's also list all the discontinued commands as well. Hope this will help everybody.

New Commands

The below table will list all newly available commands:

Cmdlet name Description
Adds one or more databases from a SharePoint farm into an availability group in SQL Server.
Copies credentials of an application from one logical server to another.
Copy side by side files.
Disables the site master in the farm.
Creates a template for a site master.
Exports the Access Database into a Bacpac package.
Exports the SharePoint Newsfeed tags and notes.
Returns one or more objects representing the availability groups.
Returns properties of a SharePoint Store app.
Returns the health of the service application proxy.
Returns the uploader.xml and Microsoft.Office.BigData.DataLoader.exe.config files from the Configuration database.
Gets a service in the farm.
Returns site master information.
Returns a list of site master web templates.
Imports the Access Database from a Bacpac package.
Moves social comments.
Creates a site master.
Removes activity events from the published and consolidated tables.
Removes the SharePoint Central Administration website from the local server.
Removes a site master.
Synchronizes the content database with the configuration database of the farm.
Sets properties of a SharePoint Store app.
Changes the MySitesPublicEnabled property of the User Profile Application Proxy.
Changes the role of the server.
Enables a service in the farm.
Disables a service in the farm.

Discontinued Commands

This table will list all the going away commands.

Cmdlet name
Creates a new Work Management Service application.
New-SPWorkManagementServiceApplicationProxy   Note
Creates a new service application proxy group.
Sets settings for the Work Management Service application.
Set-SPWorkManagementServiceApplicationProxy   Note
Sets the settings for the Work Management Service application proxy.