This new version of SQL Server has more of an emphasis on data science. Consequently, there are a few extra steps to take than previous recent versions of SQL Server. SQL 2016 is a very exciting product.

These instructions focus on the virtual traditional box installation as opposed to the Azure / Cloud route. I personally like the box installation since I don’t need to rely on an internet connection to use the product.

This tutorial gives step by step instructions for installing an evaluation license of SQL 2016 within an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2012 where this server operating system is delivered from Hyper V Manager from Windows 10 on my laptop with 8Gb of RAM. 

These installation instructions are provided to empower you to use the new features of SQL 2016. These instructions do not provide best practice for installing on a production environment.


Table of Contents



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1. Preparation

2. Hyper V Manager on Windows 10

3. Install Windows Server 2012 Evaluation Edition

4. Copy over Downloads to the new Windows Server 2012 installation

5. Install SQL Server 2016

6. Set up Tabular Model Service

7. Install SSMS

8. Install SSDT

9. Browse the Services