When adding tables to your Wiki article, the right-hand side sometimes disappears, getting cut off from the visible window.


Check the various versions of SharePoint 2016 GUID of Features




Go into edit mode. Check the HTML code

  • Leave the Wiki supported layout classes in place.
  • Remove any non-Wiki classes (eg rendered by offline editor)
  • Remove any Non-Wiki supported styles

For the <table> HTML tag

  • Remove all style settings
    • Certain Style conflict with built-in styles (telerik)
  • Remove the style="width: xx; ... " statements
    • Style-width statements conflict with built-in styles
  • Limit the table width to 99%
    • Add a width="99%" statement in the <table> tag.            
    • Limit the width of the table to 99% (not 100% or any fixed pt width, unless the table is significantly smaller...)

For the table row and table column tags

  • limit the use of conflicting styles, height or width statements

In the "Telerik-re..." style definitions

  • check for column width definitions
    • remove the width statements (do not touch the border width definitions)
  • In some cases, the column width is set to fixed width, better not set this in the style definitions but in the columns settings of table

Just an example, if you set the table properties to Telerik-reTable4, it autoformats certain rows to a fixed width, which breaks the right side view of the table.

Hints & tips

  • Before you set the style in the Wiki editor, remove any custom styles and layout.
  • Limit the column width settings to the table definition itself (not in style section)
  • Limit the 'natural' size of the table to max 500-600 pt/px
    • if necessary, split table
    • slim down column widths
    • slim down value length by using abbreviations or codes (Y=Yes, N=No, T=True, 1=True, 0=False, ...)