Now, in this wiki article, we will add the Workflow Manager 1.0 Certificate into SharePoint trust. After this step, we will avoid almost all the errors related to certificates.

This is step 2 in the process. In step 1, we exported the certificate from Workflow Manager server and in this step, we will import that certificate into SharePoint and build a trust.

Before Begin

  • Please make sure you log in on the server where Workflow Manager is installed with Install Account.

Export the Workflow Certificate.

  • Login on the server with Install account( krossfarm\kfinst)
  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) by typing Inetmgr in the search window
  • In Internet Manager, expand Sites (on left-hand side), click on Workflow Management Site and on the right-hand side under Actions click Bindings
  • On this page, select https and click Edit 
  • On this page under SSL Certificate, click View certificates
  • Click on Details tab 
  • Click Copy to File
  • On Welcome to the Certificate Export Wizard click Next
  • On Export Private Key select No, do not export the private key and click Next
  • On Export File Format select DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER) and click Next
  • On File to export select the path where the certificate will be saved and click Next
  • On Completing the Certificate Export Wizard, click Finish
  • You will get a message "The export was successful" and click OK

Move the File

Now move the certificate to the SharePoint Server.

Import Certificate into SharePoint.

  • Now login on the SharePoint Server with Farm Admin account
  • Open the Central Admin Site
  • Click on Security and click Manage trust on the right-hand side
  • On the Trust page click New
  • On Establish Trust Relationship enter the following information:
    • Name of the certificate
    • Path of certificate (where you saved the certificate)
    • Click OK
  • You will see your certificate added.
That's it, we successfully built the trust. Now move to the next step and register the Workflow Proxy.

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