In this wiki, we will go through the steps to verify the installation and configuration of the Workflow Manager for SharePoint 2016. We will test it from Central admin of SharePoint then open the site (any site collection) in the SharePoint Designer and verify that SharePoint 2013 Workflow.

Verify From Central Admin

  • Log into SharePoint Central Admin with farm Admin account
  • Click on Application Management > Under Service Application click on Manager Service Applications
  • On this page you will see Workflow Service Application proxy
  • Highlight Workflow Service Application Proxy and click on Manage
  • On this page, you will see the message ”Workflow is Connected”
  • Now go to Application Management > under Service Application > click on Configure Service Application associations
  • On this page make sure Workflow Service Application proxy is associated with all required Web Applications.

Verify Using PowerShell 

Let's check the status of Workflow Manager Service Application using PowerShell.

Open the SharePoint PowerShell console on the SharePoint Server. Run the below command.
Get-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy | Select *

Output will be likely this.

Verify Using SharePoint Designer 2013

Now we will use the SharePoint Designer and verify the configuration.

Note: We don't have SharePoint Designer version for Server 2016. MSFT SharePoint Designer 2013 still works with Sharepoint 2016. Also, in the workflow platform it is still saying SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform.
  1. Open SharePoint Designer 2013 by selecting it on the Start menu. Click Start icon, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office 2013, and then click SharePoint Designer 2013.
  2. Click Open Site on the SharePoint Designer 2013 start page.
  3. Enter the SharePoint 2013 site that you want to connect to. For example,
  4. Click Open to open the site.
  5. Enter your credentials, if prompted. (If security is not integrated with the computer you signed in on then you are prompted to enter your credentials.) Make sure to use credentials that have access to the SharePoint 2013 site.
  6. In Designer, click on Workflows and from Ribbon. Click on List Workflow and select any one.SharePoint Designer 2013 - New List Workflow
  7. On the Create List Workflow dialog box, click on Platform Type drop down and you will see the SharePoint 2013 Workflow.Workflow Creation Dialog
This completes our testing / validation of the Installation and configuration. Now we can create the 2013 Platform workflows.


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